Kitty Checklist!

Here is a list of things we will ask you to provide during your time away:

Emergency contact information left BOTH in your home AND in email

If you are leaving the same day we're visiting, please let us know that.      During busy times, we may start our rounds as early as 5:00 AM, and don't like to walk in on our human customers ^..^

Written instructions on taking care of your kitty (or kitties).   Please keep in mind that we see LOTS of kitties... and hate to count on our brains to remember every last detail about all of them.  Please... write it all down!

Please make sure there is no way for your kitties to get out of your home -- i.e., open windows with no screens

If there are dead lightbulbs in kitty areas (food area, litter boxes, etc.) -- please replace them before you leave

If you are feeding wet food (and we hope you are!), please leave aluminum foil out to cover the can

If your kitty isn't thrilled with strangers, please make a note of all known hiding places.   We cannot tell you how many times we visit kitties, and cannot find them!    If kitty hides under the bed or in other dark places, please leave a flashlight for us

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT make any drastic diet changes for 14 days prior to your leaving.    The most drastic change is a change (brand or type) of a dry kibble diet... otherwise, it is inevitable that kitty will have a stomach upset while you are away

While we are concerned about what cats eat and want to make sure they get the best.. PLEASE make sure that they will eat what you leave for them.    Cats can get VERY sick if they don't eat for several days.    If there's any doubt.. then please leave different food, even if its lesser quality

Similarly, please do NOT make any changes to the brand or type of cat litter you are using for 14 days prior to your leaving.   Cats are very sensitive to this type of change, and may reject the litterbox… and leave us with a big mess!   Thanks, but no thanks <<^..^>>

Please let us start our engagement with a clean litter box (or boxes).     Litter box scooping is part of our base rate; litter box scrubbing/changing is not.  

A favorite interactive toy 

 A brush 

Some kitties prefer to drink from a tall glass (which we'll never understand ^..^ )  ... but since there's always the risk of kitty dipping that over, please leave out a short bowl for water too 

 Plastic bags for litter removal (one per day is fine).   Not necessary if you use flushable litter, but please leave a garbage bag for miscellaneous cleanup

Clean (abrasive) sponge & soap for washing kitty dishes

Soap in the bathroom (this is for us for when we tend to the liter box)

 Paper Towels (please leave a whole roll, the cheap stuff is fine) or rags

Extra cat litter (we generally add a little to the box every day to keep it fresh in your absence)

Kitty scooper

Whisk broom if you have one (for cleaning litter from the floor) 

 Please roll up area rugs that are located near litter boxes.   We'd rather spend time devoting attention to the kitties than to cleaning litter from rugs! 

Access to the cat carrier 

Required medication or supplements, with detailed instructions

The name / telephone number / address of your Vet   

 Please remove all collars from the cat(s)

 Leave more of everything than you think we'll need

Provide approximate time of your return so that we know how to time our last visit 

 Please leave pen & paper so that we can leave you notes or a report 

Please email or text on your return so that we know that the kitties are taken care of


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