The Purrfect Choice for Brooklyn Dog Walkers, Cat Sitters and Pet Sitting!

Veterinary Emergency Referral Group -- for medical emergencies

 Mention "pooch & kitty" when booking your pet portrait and get a $50 discount

Feeding the Carnivore in your life

Truth About Pet Food -- Great website from petsumer advocate Susan Thixton Healthy alternatives for dogs -- Great for dog lovers in search of healthy food choices

Feeding your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition -- Our favorite website for caregivers converting kitties to a species-appropriate diet

Feline Nutrition Education Society

Great video on nutrition from an integrative vet

Vaccination Info (the "less is more" approach to health)

When it Comes to Vaccinating Your Pet, Less is More

Vaccination info -- by Don Hamilton, Homeopathic DVM

Rabies Challenge Fund -- Lets see success here!

General Info -- Where we talk about raw feeding and holistic issues for dogs and cats in New York City

ASPCA Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants

Little Big Cat Article Library -- Great general information on many topics